Play Super Dream Team Game for ICC Champion's Trophy & Win exciting prizes.
Starting Date: 06-06-2013
Ending Date: 23-06-2013
Matches: 15
Registration: Closed
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Australia England India Pakistan New-Zealand West-Indies South-Africa Sri-Lanka
What is Super Dream Team Game?
Super Dream Team Game is fantasy cricket game. Users get a chance to make their dream team by selecting 11 players of their own choice from all of the teams participating in the tournament.
How it works?
Users make their teams by selecting their favorite players. Performance of those players in the real matches earns users points according to the points chart. User with most points wins the dream team tournament.
What is the current points chart?
For ICC Champion's Trophy we have made a very simple points chart. For next tournaments we will add more ways to score points.
1 Score = 1 point.
1 Wicket = 20 points.
1 Catch = 5 points.
1 Run Out = 5 points.
Are there any other rules of the game?
Yes there are.
1. Teams can only be added or edited before start of first match till 6th June, 2013 11:59pm 7th June, 2013 2:30pm (i.e. before the start of second match)
2. You can only select 11 players.
3. One person can only create one team. Any attempt of making more than 1 team by creating more ids will disqualify the user from tournament.
4. In case of a tie (i.e., 2 or more teams having same scores), prefrence will be given to the user who have created the team earlier.
5. Geo Super management will reserve the rights to disqualify any user from the tournament. In case of any argument, Geo Super Management decision would be final. 6. Runs, wickets, catches and runouts details will be added after each match with in 24-48 hours.
What are the Prizes?
There are thousands of exciting prizes from tablets & mobile phones to t-shirts and easyload.
What if I needed help creating the team or have any question?
Please feel free to contact us from this link